I’ve always loved the challenge of capturing sound in a way that is accurate, noise free, and technically excellent. It’s a difficult thing to do well. I’ve had plenty of practice at it over the past 45 years! In those early years my projects included brass bands, school orchestras, contemporary bands, church & community choirs and the spoken word.

More recently I have been involved in radio commercial and podcast production, and audio production for video. Here are several examples of my recent work, followed by a look back to when my equipment included a forty pound Otari MX5050 eight track recorder using ½” magnetic tape. I much prefer today’s Macs, Adobe Audition and Logic Pro X!

Rebel Alliance Media

Since early 2017 I have been the technical producer for the Rebel Podcast, a weekly show that is attracting an audience of between 10,000 and 15,000 listeners per episode as of July 2018. This file is the introduction and first partial segment of a typical podcast.

Faith FM Shareathon Promos

During my time as manager of Faith FM radio we conducted several listener support campaigns. I produced these two promos for their 2014 and 2015 campaigns. I also produced several files that blended listener testimonials with a song that had special meaning for them. This file combined Charlene’s testimonial with the song ‘Blameless’, by Dara McLean.

Dr. B. J. Hardick Maximized Living Commercial

This is an example of radio production I did while working as manager of CHJX-FM 99.9 Faith FM in London Ontario.

Bethlehem Walk 2016 Commercial

Another commercial I produced while at Faith FM was for an area church, Crossroads Alliance, that presented their Bethlehem Walk Christmas event.

Organist Andrew Bourne

Andrew is a local London Ontario pipe organist. I recorded his rendition of Bach’s St. Anne Fugue, at St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church in London

Eschatology 101 Promo

Pastor Nate Wright is one of the two ‘rebels’ in the Rebel podcast noted above. Previous to commencing the podcast I recorded Nate presenting a series of 15 teaching videos on the topic of Eschatology. You can see an example of these videos on my video recording page. I produced this promo for the series to run as a break in the Rebel podcast.

Early Recordings

Back in the early ‘80’s I did many live and session recordings for brass bands, school orchestras, choirs and instrumentalists. Here’s a sampling of those. I note that these files were copied from old cassette tapes and processed in Adobe Audition.

The Salvation Army London Citadel Band

During this time period I recorded several albums named ‘Old Timers’. These were old hymns and marches from the early days of Salvation Army banding. These albums were distributed across North America and several other countries around the world in the Salvation Army. This selection is entitled ‘I Know A Fount’, recorded in a session in the early 1980’s.

The Salvation Army London Citadel Songsters

This particular Salvation Army also had an accomplished choir that I recorded several live and session events with. This selection, entitled ‘A Plea For Mercy’ by Barker/Ayling, is from a live concert recording from about 1980.

The Salvation Army Staff Band

Another band I made several recordings of was the staff band of the Salvation Army national Canadian headquarters, made up of the best musicians at the headquarters and various Salvation Army churches. This selection is entitled ‘We Have An Anchor’ recorded in 1992 at a live concert.

Peter Katin Classical Pianist

In the early 1980’s Peter Katin was a resident pianist at the University of Western Ontario in London. Peter contracted me to record a two-cassette album of classical selections for a record label in Germany. One of the selections was ‘Liebestraume’ by Liszt. This was recorded on a Steinway grand piano in the UWO recital hall. This file was copied from a master cassette tape, which was copied from the original reel-to-reel master tapes before they were shipped to Germany.