My interest in video developed several years later than audio, when I studied radio & television production at London’s Fanshawe College. Video took a back seat to audio until the late 2000’s when I started to have more time available to pursue it, along with photography. Since 2011 I have produced a variety of short video files, with some of the more recent productions being recorded in my own studio.

Rebel Alliance Media

Along with their weekly audio podcast, the Rebels also produce a weekly video in my studio.

The Cross Current

This is a Christian para-church ministry lead by Cory McKenna in London Ontario. Cory wanted a short simple promo he could use for his website and live events.

Wastemaster Hose Storage System

Drainmaster is a California company that produces waste systems for the recreational vehicle industry. Several years ago I purchased one of their systems for our RV and had a very good experience with the product. For my own fun, I produced a short video of my installation. Drainmaster was so pleased with it that they put it on their website and refunded me the cost of the system. That video has had about 8500 YouTube views, which I think is good for a video about an RV sewer hose! In 2017 Drainmaster released a new product and approached me about doing a video for it. They provided me the product at no charge for me to install on our own RV in return for me producing this video about my installation.

Wonham Street House Tour

Back about 2010 I tried my hand at house flipping and being an on-camera personality with this promotional video. Another local videographer recorded the raw video for me and I did the editing and production. The house sold and I lost money, but it was fun!

Mothers With A Heart For Ethiopia

This is a volunteer-run organization in Woodstock Ontario that supports women and their children. Their annual fundraiser is Gems & Java. This promo was produced from their 2017 fundraiser.

Carolyn Wettlaufer, Realtor

My daughter Carolyn uses video on social media to promote homes that her employer brokerage, Sam Singh Realty, has for sale.  Real estate videos typically have a very short timeline, often needing to be produced within a few days.  In this video I used specialized camera mounting equipment to capture interesting and informative video segments of the major areas of this model home.

Alzheimer Society Oxford

Several years ago I produced a promo video for the Society’s Volunteer Companion program with their executive director, Shelley Green. Shelley approached me again in 2017 to produce a promotion video for their primary fundraiser, Walk For Alzheimers.

Bethlehem Walk Promotion

This promo video was produced from footage shot during one of their presentations several years ago for use on their website.